Happy Losar 2148!

The monks, staff, and students of Gaden Shartse Thubten Dhargye Ling and Gaden Shartse Cultural Foundation would like to wish you a Happy Tibetan New Year!

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Wishing you happiness, good health, and prosperity in this new year!
May your Dharma practice deepen for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Losar Greetings from Tulku Tenzin Thardoe & Tenzin Jangchup Chopel Lati Rinpoche

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With Tibetan New Year just a few days away, Tulku Tenzin Thardoe and Lati Tulku Tenzin Jangchup Chopel have written Losar messages and taken pictures and video clips to send to GSTDL. Both our lamas pray for auspiciousness and send warm greetings to all our staff and students.

From Lati Tulku Tenzin Jangchup Chopel:

Dear Thubten Dhargye Ling students,

Tashi Delek! I wish you all a happy Losar! May the new year be full of warmth, joy, and everything you hope for. Challenging moments are special opportunities for Dharma practice, so always be positive no matter what is happening. Please remain safe during Covid and care for everyone around you. May TDL always flourish and inspire.

Tenzin Jangchup Choephel Lati Rinpoche

From Tulku Tenzin Thardoe:

Dear TDL students,

Happy Losar! I hope you all are safe and well. My best wishes and prayers go to you and your families. Please remember the teachings and practice well. The Dharma is always in your heart. Rejoice in your good deeds and remember to smile! May the new year bring you peace, wisdom, and much loving kindness. See you soon!

Tenzin Thardoe